Planet Plan Sets LLC, Launches!

Planet Plan Sets LLC, Launches!

Placentia, CA (April 20, 2018) – Solar industry veterans Jeff Spies and Deep Patel have teamed up to start a new business providing solar plan sets for residential solar contractors. Planet Plan Sets LLC offers solar plan sets, drawings, system placards, and interconnection application services to solar contractors across the country.

“For too long, many solar contractors struggled to find a third party plan set provider that is reliable, responsive, and produces quality plan sets at a reasonable cost.” says co-founder Spies. “We believe solar power is a better way to power our future and know that PV succeeds when solar power costs less than other forms of power generation. Streamlining the design and permitting process is key to lowering the soft costs associated with installing a PV system, and Planet Plan Sets is committed to helping contractors lower operational costs and complexities, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, install PV systems.”

Planet Plan Sets was founded with simple principles; providing permitting plan sets, quickly and reliably, while maintaining guiding principles of quality, safety, and operational efficiency. For solar contractors, time is money, and rapid response and accurate information are critical to cost effective permitting practices and business operations. PPS is committed to ensuring contractor customers have the necessary technical and customer support required to quickly resolve questions accurately and efficiently.

Located in Placentia, CA, Planet Plan Sets LLC will share facilities and staff with Gigawatt Inc, which has been providing homeowners and solar contractors with solar equipment and plan sets since 2006.

For more information about Planet Plan Sets please visit or email or call (866) 898-6886.

Media Contact:
Harold Tan, Marketing
Phone: (866) 898-6886

About GigaWatt Inc. 
GigaWatt Inc, founded in 2006, is a diversified solar power company that offers comprehensive clean energy solutions including solar powerenergy storageoff-gridLED lighting, and electric vehicle charging stations. GigaWatt Inc owns and is a shareholder in Planet Plan Sets, LLC.

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