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Pricing Assumptions

PLEASE NOTE: We provide our plan drafting services to solar contractors only. Planet Plan Sets does not offer services for DIY homeowner installers. Failure to provide accurate information and project specs in order form may result in additional fees. Rooftop PV installations installed on permitted structures with sufficient structural capacity. Equipment selection limited to code compliant listed modules, racking, inverters, and energy storage systems. Using more than one PV module or inverter model number on a project may incur additional fees. More complex battery system or generator configurations may incur additional drafting fees. Pricing assumes use of products from our eligible equipment list. Plans assume full compliance with building, electrical, and fire code requirements per rules/requirements published on AHJ websites or supplied by contractor in the order form. Contractor specified products that do not comply with NEC, Building Code, or AHJ requirements may result in revision fees if corrections are required by AHJ.

Standard plan set includes:
 – Cover page
 – Site plan with equipment location
 – Layout details
 – Structural attachment details
 – Wire diagram – Single Line Diagram is standard
 – Warning labels and placard
 – Spec sheets and certification docs

The following OPTIONAL ADDERS should be added to your order if required by the utility or AHJ.
 ▻ Equipment Elevation Details – $50 or Equipment Plan View Details – $55
 ▻ Structural Framing Details – $50
 ▻ Three Line Diagram (or 4 line diagrams for 3 phase system) – $50

CHANGE FEES: Revisions due to contractor or system owner changes to equipment or layout, undiscovered HOA requirements, or utility system size limitations will incur revision fees. There is no charge for AHJ and Utility required corrections with the exception of the following

 – If you supply a solar layout that does not comply with the fire setbacks/pathways requirements and the AHJ issues a correction, we will charge a revision fee.

 – If the Utility or AHJ requires any of the following details, and they were not ordered, the applicable adders will apply as a revision fee.
   ▻ Equipment Elevation Details – $50
   ▻ Structural Framing Details – $50
   ▻ Three Line Diagram (or 4 line diagrams for 3 phase system) – $50


MODULES: All UL 1703 listed PV modules approved for use with specified UL 2703 listed racking system.

Inverters: All UL 1741 listed microinverters and string inverters including – Enphase, SolarEdge, SMA, AP Systems, Goodwe, Generac, Electriq Power, Darfon, Outback, Fronius, Delta, Ginlong, Schneider, Sungrow, Sunpower, Yaskawa, SolArk.

RACKING: All UL 2703 listed racking including Ironridge, Unirac, Everest, SnapNrack, Tamarack, ProSolar, Rooftech, Ecolibrium, Ecofasten, Nuance, Aerocompact, S-5.

ROOF ATTACHMENTS: Industry standard roof attachments include: Quick Mount PV, Ironridge, Unirac, SnapNrack, Everest, Ecofasten, S-5, Quick Screws, Rooftech, Prosolar and more.

ENERGY STORAGE: All UL 9540 Energy Storage Systems including: 
Tesla Powerwall, LG Energy Solutions, Tigo, SolarEdge Energy Bank, Enphase, Blue Planet, Outback, Schneider, SolArk, Midnite, Magnum, GoodWe, Simpliphi, Storz, Homegrid, Discover, Fortress and more.

We continually review and add new equipment. If your preferred product is not on the list, contact us to inquire about plan pricing.