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Pricing Assumptions

 – Plan Set Generation Services are for Residential PV contractors installing either roof or ground mount systems – We provide our services to solar contrators only, wedo not offer services for DIY homeowner installers.  – Order information supplied by contractor is complete and accurate. Failure to provide accurate information and project specs in order form may result in additional fees  – Rooftop PV installations are installed on permitted structure with sufficient structural capacity  – Equipment selection limited to NEC required UL listed equipment  – Using more than one PV module type on a project will incur additional fees  – Using more than one inverter type on a project will incur additional fees – More complex battery system configurations may incur additional drafting fees.  – Listed pricing assumes use of equipment on eligible equipment list – Assumes compliance with building, electrical, and fire code requirements per rules/requirements published on AHJ websites or supplied by contractor  – Contractor specified products that do not comply with NEC, Building Code, or AHJ requirements may result in revision fees if corrections required by AHJ. 

Change fees: AHJ and Utility required corrections are covered by the pricing above · Revisions by contractor due to equipment changes, undiscovered HOA requirements, or homeowner requests will incur an additional service fee. 

Eligible Equipment

Modules: All UL 1703 listed PV modules approved for use with specified UL 2703 listed racking system. 
Solar Shingles: 
RGS Powerhouse, Certainteed Apollo
 ABB, AP Systems, Darfon, Delta, Enphase, Fronius, Ginlong, LG Electronics, Outback Power, Pika Energy, Schneider, SMA, SolarEdge, Sungrow, Sunpower, Yaskawa
Racking: Ironridge, Unirac, Everest, SnapNrack, Quick Mount PV, ProSolar, Rooftech, Ecolibrium, Ecofasten, Nuance
Roof attachments: Quick Mount PV, Ironridge, Unirac, SnapNrack, Everest, Ecofasten, S-5, Quick Screws, Solar Roof Hook, Rooftech, Prosolar
Energy Storage Systems and Batteries: Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen, LG Chem, Enphase, Blue Planet, StorEdge Outback, Schneider XW, Magnum, Standard Lead Acid Batteries, Lithionics, Simpliphi, Discover (more complex configurations may incur additional fees)
PLEASE NOTE: We continuely review additional equipment. Contact us to inquire about pricing for installations using equipment not currently listed.